How many qualified visitors did you have today?

It’s great to have a website but it’s even more important to be found. Unless you already have an established following and client base where you can share with them your new website it’s likely that you’ll need some help in starting to drive traffic to it.

Basic keyword search engine optimization (SEO)

Sir Websites always develops websites with relevant keywords for your business in mind. Keywords that are regularly utilized within your website are catalogued over time in the Google search engine allowing organic and free searches successfully navigating to your website.

If your website isn’t getting the traffic it deserves we can help you with a rewrite of your web pages to ensure a jump up the Google rankings.

Google advertising

Google Ads is a great online advertising platform for those who are searching actively for your product or service. Cross-platform partnerships with YouTube and Play Store provides flexible advertising in various media forms.

Sir Websites can help you with a managed month-to-month Google advertising campaign. Starting within a daily budget starting from as little as $10 per day you will see traffic increase your website quickly. Targeting directly to your demographics to ensure you receive the best qualified leads via a pay-per-click pricing system with Google Ads you only pay for the visitors that visit your website!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and social media

Social media is now often the quickest way to drive traffic towards your product, services or event. Various options range from free accounts, online competitions and giveaways to paid advertising targeted to your audience choice.

Sir Websites can help you setup, create a campaign and provide support to maximize likes, shares and comments and ensure your online stays active, positive and relevant. Find out more about our packages offering you effective short-term or ongoing Facebook and other social media advertising.

Print and promotional products

Sometimes the best way to advertise is with traditional print and promotional media. Business cards, flyers, outdoor banners and other eye catching promotional material encourages those seeking your product or service to visit your website.

Have a chat to our print partner Penny’s Print about their great range of print and promotional products!

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