Sir Websites loves custom projects!

Custom project #1 – You know exactly what you want, how it looks and what it does, but you can’t find a package or someone that offers it ‘straight out of a box’.

Come speak to us and we’ll explore with you all parts of your design and features, along with an outline of the steps and requirements needed to achieve it. With your approval we then build it!

Custom project #2 – You know what you want it achieve but have no idea what features you’ll need or how it should look – which is perfectly fine!

Let’s discuss more in person, over the phone or via Skype what your online goals are. We’ll listen and offer our experience and guidance on the items that matter and it can be done!

Once we’ve begun the project you will be provided with opportunities to contribute, give feedback and make final decisions each step of the way if you wish. The end result becomes another great website and happy client!

Custom project #3 – The something-in-between client is more common than you’ll think. You’ll have some parts of the picture but not all of it. Sometimes it’s missing a logo, high quality product photography needed or simply you’re not a confident writer.

Don’t worry as Sir Websites is the supporting team behind you to fill in the gaps. Whatever areas it is you need to complete to achieve that amazing web presence online you are after we are here to help!

Not located in Melbourne, Australia? No worries at all. We can still help you like many of our interstate and international clients. We would love to hear from you!

Didn’t understand some of the jargon? Check our our FAQs page for more help.

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