Sir Websites offers a personalized yet professional service. With 5 simple steps we work closely with you to help you build your online ideas into reality.

1) Come say hello! Simply use our online contact form on our website to provide us your details so we can be in touch. The more details you are able to provide the easier it is to begin. However if you are unsure about any items, that’s okay, we are here to help!

2) Let’s chat. We listen to what you are after and your online goals. Whether it’s your first website or simply it’s issues with your last web designer and how you didn’t get want you wanted.

We go away and process all the information you’ve provided and explore the most feasible, cost effective and successful pathway to getting your online presence just right for you.

3) Create a plan. Now is a great time to start collecting or finalizing the information you’ll need to provide us to begin including written articles about your websites, photos and images to be used and information such as trading times, product and service descriptions and staff bios. We can also help you with these items if you need.

4) Provide a quote. Once we have a plan we provide a written outline on what we can offer, how we will achieve it and a quote in price and time frame including any variables that we may encounter so you don’t get any surprises later.

We may also offer you additional suggestions and improvements based on your original goals. These optional supporting services often will ensure additional security and automation for greater peace of mind and less stress.

If we haven’t already covered it this stage is great for answering any questions you have. Our team meanwhile is preparing to begin your project once you sign off on it and provide us all the content and information required.

5) It’s time for action! The fun begins when we get to work deploying, developing and customizing all the items discussed to turn your website into reality. As we progress through the stages we provide regular updates to keep you informed.

Depending on the project type, at certain stages, you will have the opportunity to review development and provide feedback.

Once the final website is completed and tested it is pre-released to you for your approval. Any final feedback and fixes are completed and our support team becomes active as your website goes live.

It’s now time to distribute those business cards and flyers with your URL and let everyone know you can be found online!

What else WE CAN DO at Sir Websites for all our clients.

What WE DON’T DO at Sir Websites – unless you really want us to.

  • Tie you into long-term contracts for no other reason than to not allow you to leave if you choose.
  • Charge you for simply answering your call or email. In fact many times our support and updates can be completed without charge.
  • Disappear like a magician. With over 15 years in business we’re here to assist you when you need any technical support, ready to update or build a new website or simply having some trouble figuring out an issue.
  • We are best reached by email or phone. No need for an account, tickets and long waiting times when you want to get in touch.

Not located in Melbourne, Australia? No worries at all. We can still help you like many of our interstate and international clients. We would love to hear from you!

Didn’t understand some of the jargon? Check our our FAQs page for more help.

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