How it works

Sir Websites offers a personalized yet professional service. With 5 simple steps we work closely with you to help you build your online ideas into reality.

1 - Say Hello2 - Let's chat3 - Create a plan4 - Provide a quote5 - It's time for action!

What else WE CAN DO at Sir Websites for all our clients.

  • We can help show you how to use your website if you wish to learn how to manage it yourself.
  • We can help you with photography for your products or shop.
  • We can help you with a wide range of high quality, creative and unique stock images ideal to adding more to your web presence.
  • With your help, as you know your business best, we can help you with written content, data entry or photo editing services.

What WE DON’T DO at Sir Websites – unless you really want us to.

  • Tie you into long-term contracts for no other reason than to not allow you to leave if you choose.
  • Charge you for simply answering your call or email. In fact many times our support and updates can be completed without charge.
  • Disappear like a magician. With over 12 years in business we’re here to assist you when you need any technical support, ready to update or build a new website or simply having some trouble figuring out an issue.
  • We are best reached by email or phone. No need for an account, tickets and long waiting times when you want to get in touch.

Not located in Melbourne, Australia? No worries at all. We can still help you like many of our interstate and international clients. We would love to hear from you!

Didn’t understand some of the jargon? Check our our FAQs page for more help.