Sir Websites would like to ask  you, dear Sir or Madam if would you like to learn to build your own websites?

Let an experienced web designer with over 12 years of commercial work guide you through the pros and cons, challenges and reward of getting your business online regardless of what services or products you sell.

Over the course of 2 sessions (3 hours each) you will learn in a small group setting a whole range of fundamental and advanced web design and development know how filled with genuine value including:

1) Domain Names & Web Hosting. Learn how to select and register a suitable domain name for business. Get all the important information on what you want to look out for and avoid when selecting your web hosting package from hundreds of options online.

2) Setup your Website. Next you’ll begin to be shown the steps on configuring your web hosting to setup and easily deploy your own manage-it-yourself website.

3) Customize your Website. Learn how to customize your website including creating pages, content, adding images and videos, setting up menus, widgets and much more.

4) Contact Forms. Create your very own contact form so that your customers can easily reach out to you via your website direct to your inbox. Customize your contact forms to capture exactly the information you require.

5) Plug Ins Galore. Get a head start on some of the very best plug ins that every website should have to simplify your management and increase your productivity.

6) Begin to Sell Online. Yes, we can show you how to begin to sell online including creating a product, setting up payment and shipping options and offering your physical or digital products to your customers 24/7.

7) Track your Traffic. Learn how to integrate and analyze Google Analytics to assist you understand how your website is working.

8) Online Advertising. Get a crash course in online advertising options including the power of Facebook and Google Ads and how it can help you drive traffic to your website for a very manageable budget.

9) Your Questions Answered. Your opportunity to ask any questions to an experienced web designer to receive candid advice and suggestions to achieve that solution you are after.

10) Ongoing Support. Need some help in the future? Included is 30 days of ongoing support to answer any of your questions that you forgot to ask that keep you up at night. Even though the course has finished we are here to help you!

11) Play with your new Website. Quite possibly the best thing about this course is the inclusion of your own website to play with for the next 90 days. Familiarize yourself with how to create that perfect website to share your business services and products to the world. We can also offer web hosting if you want to keep your online masterpiece going – just ask!

12) Learn More – Save More. Simply put, after you’ve finished this course you’ll pat yourself on the back as you will save a whole lot of money with what you’ve learnt on how to get started online yourself! Whether you choose to hire someone (*cough cough*) to help you with your next website being fully informed of each step of the way or you want to DIY simply because you can now – the choice is yours!

BRING A FRIEND / COLLEAGUE PROMO – receive 25% off for each participant when you bring someone with you to learn together for the twice the fun and experience to go away to build and manage your own website.

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