Tahlia Boden

Tahlia Boden is a graphic designer and animation specialist at Sir Websites.

Tahlia completed studying a Diploma of Screen and Media Animation at Swinburne University of Technology in 2019. She has experience creating digital art and short films with friends. Tahlia aspires to study many different subjects such as graphic design, fashion styling and photography.

Lil’ bit about me:

I’ve had a passion for drawing and illustration from a young age. As I got older and consumed more art. That passion turned into an interest in graphic design. I love the flexibility. I can incorporate everything I enjoy into graphic design. For example, illustration, photography, animation and fashion, they all make regular appearances in my designs. 

Fav website:

FrankieThe art and design magazine Frankie is a big source of inspiration for me. Every article makes me want to try something new. I’d love to be featured in their magazine one day.

Fav logo:

I don’t think I have a single favourite logo, but I love logos with a mascot or character. I think they’re really cute and help bring personality to a brand. 

Small gallery of creatives: