Search. Engine. Optimization. You’re off to a great start. Being online now makes you part of the crowd. Now let’s make you stand out!

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of steps taken to get the most out of your website by making it digitally attractive for Google to catalog, rank and display your business in front of those looking for your products or services.

In short SEO help your website be found in the ocean of competitors!

Why would you consider SEO?

When done correctly, the investment in optimizing your website can far outweigh the ongoing costs of paid advertising via Google, Facebook or other channels. By organically improving your website through analysis, keyword and key phrase opportunities you can be on the front page of Google without having to pay per click.

How quickly does SEO begin to work?

How quickly you can beat your competition to that exclusive front page of Google depends on many factors. Search engine optimization is not a speedy process and will commonly take 3 to 6 months for you to begin to see consistent improvements in your website visibility. If you want faster results, with the right sort of marketing campaign, then consider print, television, radio and online paid advertising while simply spend more than your competition – if you can!

Some SEO features we offer include:

Find out what keywords you’re ranking for and where. Identify keywords that you can use in your website’s copy to improve your visibility for your core services so your clients can find you.

Where do you stack up against your competition? What are they doing that you are not? Find out what you can do to beat them at their own game.

Where are the gaps in the online market that you can fill? What areas of your website and your website’s copy is holding you back from achieving consistent high rankings? We will identify content that you can implement right now to “fill these gaps”.

Every website has technical issues – some are minor, some are much larger. All of them diminish a website’s authority in Google and thus have an impact on rankings. How does your website stack up? We’ll run a full audit and let you know.

Once you’ve identified a strategy to implement to improve your website’s position in Google, you’ll need to engage SEO-friendly copywriters to action that copy. We can help.

How do you get started?

Contact us and let’s have a chat about bundling all this research together for an Search Engine Optimization campaign proposal to achieve your online goals!

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